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LLC Eco3 was registered on 31 October 2018.

In December of the same year, the Government of the Kaliningrad region approved the investment project “Creation and operation of the enterprise for the production of fuel pellets and briquettes”, and the company was granted the status of a resident of the Special Economic Zone in the Kaliningrad region.

Initial private investments in the company’s development amounted to 150 million rubles. The sole founder of Eco3 LLC is an individual citizen of the Russian Federation.

Production site Eko3 is located in Krasnoznamensk, Kaliningrad region. On the territory of the site area of 34 000 m2 are located production facilities, administrative building, garage for special equipment and vehicles, checkpoint and filling station. The site is leased by the company for 5 years.

The fuel briquette production line consists of crushing, preparation, drying, briquetting and packaging units, as well as a band saw and multi-sawing machine.

For the production of fuel briquettes, our company purchases woodworking and forestry waste, and also receives cheap raw materials in the course of work to clean up abandoned agricultural land from wood and shrub vegetation.

Our principles:

We follow three basic principles in our work

  • Legal and transparent activities in accordance with the laws of Russian and international law
  • Compliance with labour and fire safety standards and rules at the enterprise
  • Careful attitude to nature and environmental friendliness of production

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