The Eco3 Company is a tree caregiver!

The Eco3 company helps farmers to put the land into circulation.

We collect wood waste from individuals, sawmills and woodworking companies throughout the region. Thanks to us, woodworking, sawmill and forestry waste is not wasted, rotting in the backyard of companies, polluting logging sites and becoming a dumpster. Everything goes into recycling.

One of the sources of raw materials for the production of fuel briquettes is the cleaning of agricultural land from wood and shrub vegetation (TSV)

Currently, a large number of agricultural land plots in Kaliningrad oblast are covered by the RDB to a large extent, which does not allow using these lands for their direct purpose.

Eco3 has concluded a number of contracts with owners/lessees of agricultural land and is working on cleaning these land plots from the RDB. Cleaning activities include:

  • Demolition/sleeping of the RDT by hand and by special equipment
  • Removal of the DCD to the Eco3 production site
  • Earth rotation (grinding of the topsoil with the root system of the cut-off core drill)

Production activity of the company “Eco3” in the sphere of clearing the lands from DKR and provides our enterprise with cheap raw materials and corresponds to the initiative of the Government of the Kaliningrad region on return of the agricultural lands in a turnaround.

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