The Governor of Kaliningrad region visited the enterprise Eco3

In December last year, Eco3 became a resident of the Kaliningrad SEZ with the investment project “Establishment and operation of the enterprise for the production of fuel pellets and briquettes” worth more than 150 million rubles. Now almost 40 people work at the production site in Krasnoznamensk, equipment is installed and the first delivery of finished products is being prepared. It will be exported to Germany. In addition to SEZ benefits, the beginning exporter also uses other regional business support tools. Anton Alikhanov, who visited the enterprise on Friday, 16 August, has reported that on the eve of the Kaliningrad region’s Entrepreneurship Support Center approved the application of “Eco3” for a preferential loan. The company receives 54.8 million rubles for five years in stages at three and five percent per annum. “We hope that several dozen jobs created here in a few months will increase up to 213 declared in the investment declaration “Eco-3”, – said the governor. The head of the region named the creation of new jobs the most important task for the eastern municipalities of the region. “New taxpayers, economic activity create additional opportunities for the development and growth of the territory, for people in these areas”, – said the governor. According to Yulia Kolesnikova, Director General of Eco-3, in addition to the timber briquette production oriented mainly towards export, the company also produces products for the domestic market: various sawn timber and pallets. In the future, Eco3 expects to create demand for environmentally friendly wood briquettes in the Kaliningrad region as well. The company claims that using them for heating is not much more expensive than using coal. Woodworking waste compressed into pallets is not much inferior to solid fuel in terms of heat of combustion. Thus, we can contribute to the energy security of our region,” said Yulia Kolesnikova. – We can also be called a “wood caregiver”: we collect wood waste from sawmills, from individuals across the region. Everything goes into recycling. The company is developing one more direction together with Kaliningrad landowners. “Eco-3” is engaged in clearing of the grounds of agricultural designation from trees and bushes with the subsequent rotation, that is, grinding of the top layer of the earth together with root system of the cut down trees. For example, the contract for such work was signed with the miracle trading company Kaliningrad Meat Company, for which Eko3 cleans an area of 500 hectares. “Our surplus in this case is raw materials. Agrarians receive land prepared for agricultural work without stumps and shrubs,” explained the company’s director.

Our surplus in this case is raw materials. Agrarians receive land prepared for agricultural work without stumps and bushes – Yulia Kolesnikova

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